Unusual Projects

These projects are outside the mainstream Works of Art on Paper.


Film Poster, coloured screen print

This film poster was one of a group that each had been pasted by all four margins to MDF backing board and framed in clip frames. They had been in a home in India.

This example shows how insects can find a way into the frame and 'graze' on the exposed paper. See the top margin of the poster and around the woman's green eyes. 

It was difficult to remove the poster from the MDF, partly not to tear the poster being on thin paper while removing it. 

This example from the group was rinsed, lined, pressed and hopefully reframed in a more airtight frame. 


Chinese Fan

This fan was not opening fully. Some of the V shaped leaves were pasted to one another. Also the imagery and colours on both sides were hidden by a glassine paper, which was the heavily applied repair paper. 

This project shows how strong paper is, having been painted; cut into the V shaped leaves; pasted to stick's ribs and opened and closed. And it underwent the removal of the transparent repair paper that had darkened and had an upgraded method to keep the V shaped leaves to continue to open and close. 


Painted Figurines

Painted Figurines, for a Ballet Rambert dance entitled: Colour Moves, 1983. Choreographer was Robert North with backdrops by Bridget Riley. 

The display of this collection of machetes is in a glass vitrine with glass shelves.  Small magnets are used to stop them from falling over, which is less intrusive than being 'stuck down'.

The dancers' hands or necks were reinforced with thin strips of Japanese paper as well as any delaminating card was re-pasted back together.